Written by Floyd County Conservation District Staff   


Board of Supervisors

Floyd Allen                            Bert Layne

James Carter                         Lenville Martin

Thomas Hardwick                   Ernie Tackett

Doug Hopkins


District Staff

Michelle Goble--Education Coordinator

Tony Grubb--Office Manager/Conservation Tech


Conservation Districts are locally led organizations that assist their commmunities in addressing the natural resource concerns of their area.

The Floyd County Conservation District is a subdivision of state and local government receiving certification of organization from the Secretary of State on August 18, 1950.

The Mission of the Floyd County Conservation District is to promote the conservation of our natural resources and to encourage our landowners to use Best Management Practices (BMP's) on their land.

The Floyd County Conservation District is a non-profit organization receiving funding from the Floyd County Fiscal Court, and the Kentucky Division or Conservation.

The Conservation District works in partnership with NRCS and other agencies in assisting landowners with the protection of our natural resources. With the cooperation of NRCS, the Districts are able to assist landowners with conservation planning of their properties.

The District strives to meet the ever changing needs of the residents of Floyd County. From year to year, our programs may change of be modified to meet the needs of the county. We encourage YOU to become part of this exciting adventure and take part in the many programs offered. If you see areas of improvement or have new ideas, please let us know, using the Contact Us link.


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